For those who don't choose a Burro...




For Starters
Guacamole A spicy blend of fresh mashed avocado with lemon, onion, tomato, and serrano peppers $4.95
Nachos Crispy chips layered with refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion topped with guacamole and sour cream
- Add your choice of pulled chicken for $1.25
- Add grilled steak/Grilled Chicken/Ground Beef/Pastor (Ancho Pork) for $2.25
Platanos Fritos Served with refried beans and sour cream $11.00
Yuca con Chicharron Yuca, either boiled or fried, served with fried pork, marinated cabbage, tomato salsa & pica crema $11.95
Quesadilla A large flower tortilla folded over melted chedder cheese and served with guacamole, sour cream and chimole
- Add your choice of chicken or sautéed spinach for $1.25
- Char-grilled steak/chicken/Grilled Veggies/Pastor (Ancho Pork) for $2.25
Shrimp Quesadilla Same as our regular quesadilla but with sauteed garlic & serrano marinated shrimp $16.00
Queso Dip A perfectly spiced, hot cheese dip served with tortilla chips. (Offererd everyday at 6pm, on weekends & holidays - all day & all night.)
- Add chorizo for $1.95
Crunchy Chile Onion Rings Buttermilk and chile battered onion rings, deep fried and served with chipotle ranch dipping sauce. $9.95
Jalapeno Poppers (4) Fresh Chedder & Cream cheese hand-stuffed Jalapeno Poppers rolled in seasoned bread crumb, fried to a golden brown and served with a citrus cilantro dipping sauce.  $8.95
Chimichangitas (2) Two mini chimichangas stuffed with pulled chicken, Monterey Jack cheese & black beans. Served with an avacado dipping sauce.  $7.95


Ensalada Fresca

A combination of fresh tomato, carrot, avocado, onion and cucumber in a lemon citrus vinaigrette.
*Add a char-grilled chicken breast for $5.00

Fajita Steak Salad A mixture of sautéed onions, peppers, garlic and char-grilled steak tossed together with field greens, cheddar cheese and tomatoes. Your choice of balsamic vinaigrette or creamy chipotle ranch.
*Add Shrimp (4 large Shrimp) for $6.00
Chicken Tortilla Salad A delicious blend of romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, char-grilled chicken (or ground beef), pinto beans, and cheddar cheese tossed together and served in a fresh, crisp tortilla bowl. Your choice of balsamic vinaigrette or creamy chipotle ranch.
*Add Shrimp (4 large Shrimp) for $6.00


Salvadorean Specialties
Pupusas A handmade corn tortilla stuffed with your choice of filling; Served with marinated cabbage
*Revuelta - pork and cheese
*Loroco - an aromatic, Central American flower and cheese
*Frijol - bean and cheese
*Queso - cheese
Jauna's Tamales Handmade tamale wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed with your choice of chicken and vegetables or our original vegetarian $4.50
Tamal de Elote Sweetened yellow corn wrapped in a corn husk, cooked to perfection and served with sour cream $4.85
Carne Asada Thinly sliced, marinated steak char-grilled Salvadorean style & served with rice, beans, fresh tortillas & chimole $18.00


Mexican Specialties
Each of the following is served with rice and beans.  Add a side salad for $4.50.  No seafood substitutions please. 
Enchiladas (3) Corn tortillas dipped in guajillo chile sauce, grilled and stuffed with your choice of chicken, papas refritos, spinach & cheese, bean & cheese or just cheese and topped with fresh tomato salsa, lettuce, sour cream, & a sprinkle of queso blanco. (No seafood substitutions please) $15.00
Chicken Mole Enchiladas (3) Marinated char-grilled & sliced chicken breast rolled in guajillo dipped tortillas topped with mole salsa. $17.50
Volcanes (3) Flame grilled corn tortillas topped with a combination of melted cheese, chopped grilled steak, grilled chicken, portobello mushroom & garlic or sauteed vegetables. $15.00
Shrimp Enchiladas (3) Corn tortillas dipped in guajillo chile sauce, grilled & filled with sautéed shrimp and garlic and topped with a delicious cream sauce $18.50
Chiles Rellenos Two stuffed, battered and fried poblano peppers with your choice of ground beef and cheese or just cheese, and topped with fresh tomato salsa and queso blanco $17.50
Mole A  savory & spicy Mexican sauce made with chiles, cocoa and sesame, served over chicken breast $18.00
Carnitas Delicious chipotle marinated pork, skewered and char-grilled, and served with fresh pineapple salsa $18.00
El Campesino Carne asada, one pupusa, one tamal, and yuca frita $17.50

Char-grilled Meat with grilled onion and peppers and served with flour tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and chimole.



                                                                                          Chicken & Steak









Today's Soup
Monday Frijoles Negros - vegetarian black bean
Tuesday Tortilla - spicy chicken and tortilla with fresh corn
Wednesday Lentil - all vegetable lentil soup
de Espinacas - slightly spicy broth, spinach, & egg drop
Thursday Res - hearty beef tip soup with vegetables and rice
Friday Sopa de Mariscos - creamy seafood soup with tilapia, crab, shrimp & mussels
Saturday Pazole - traditional Mexican chicken soup with lettuce, onion, & avacado
Sunday Pollo - chicken soup with vegetables and rice
*priced daily


Big Fat Burros
The Original Burro A huge flour tortilla stuffed with black beans, rice, monterey jack cheese and chimole (Also available in a bowl without the tortilla)
- Add your choice of pulled chicken or sautéed spinach for $1.25
- Marinated and char-grilled steak/chicken, ground beef or pastor (Ancho pork) for $2.25
The Ultimate Burro Our delicious burro with your choice of char-grilled steak/chicken served with black beans, rice, Monterey Jack cheese, chimole, guacamole, sour cream and salsa picante (Also available in a bowl without the tortilla) $12.00
The Shrimp Burro Plump marinated shrimp sautéed with tomatoes, garlic and onions, served with rice, cheese and our delicious cream sauce $14.95
The Vegetarian Burro A combination of sautéed broccoli, onions, garlic, carrots, poblano pepper, mushrooms, casamiento and cheddar cheese $10.50


Mexicali Tacos
Only Traditional taco platter served with rice & beans. May substitute any tortilla with flour tortilla. No seafood substitutions please.
Tacos con Poblano (3) Marinated char-grilled steak or chicken tacos served with grilled poblano peppers & topped with a drizzle of our house-made poblano salsa, pica crema and cilantro $14.25
Tacos con Carnitas (3) Guajillo marinated pork, char-grilled and topped with fresh pinapple salsa $14.50
Tacos con Mole (3) Marinated char-grilled chicken breast layered with pica crema & topped with our rich mole salsa and chimole $14.95
Tacos con Mantequilla, Lima y Jalapeno (3) A house-made butter, lime and jalapeno compound tossed with marinated char-grilled shrimp, fresh grilled corn & black beans. Topped with avacado slice $15.95
Fish Tacos Baja Style (3) Char-grilled, marinated talapia topped with guacamole, picante sour cream and marinated cabbage salad (May substitute fish with shrimp) $18.50
Traditional Mexican Tacos (3) Handmade corn tortillas folded around your choice of filing, topped with diced onion and cilantro, & served with rice, beans & a side of hot sauce. (May substitue with flour tortillas or a crunchy tortilla with your choice of filling, topped with lettuce, cheese, and chimole)
Al carbon - Grilled steak
Al Pastor - Seasoned pork
Chorizo - Sausage
Lengua - Tongue
Frijoles - Beans and cheese
Pollo - Grilled Chicken
Carne Molida - Ground beef
Traditional Tacos a la carte

Platter of 3 a la carte

Platter of 5 a la carte




Guacamole $1.15
Sour cream $.95
Rice $2.25
Beans - black or refried $2.75
House-made corn or flour tortillas 3/$2.50
Mexican Specialties
ala carte - enchilada, traditional taco, volcane, flauta $3.65
ala carte - seafood enchilada or taco $4.95
ala carte - specialty taco $5.35
Chips & Salsa to go $2.95


House-made Flan $4.00
Tres Leches Cake - house-made three milk soaked butter cake with fresh whipped cream. $5.25
We have many gluten free and vegetarian options on our Menu!​


Soft Drinks $2.00
Coffee/Hot Tea $2.00
Horchata $2.50
Marañon $2.50
Tamarindo $2.50
orange, pineapple, tomato, grapefruit, cranberry


Mexicali Blues Kids Menu
Choose ONE of the following:

Flauta (Taco Roll-up)
Taco (Any Topping)
Tamale de elote (Sweet Corn)
Pupusa (Any Filling)
Mini Burrito (Any Filling)
* Add a Fruit Smoothie - your choice of strawberry, raspberry, mango or peach for $2.00 (One Size)

All Kids Meals Served with rice, beans, and a drink




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